Saturday, July 22, 2023

2023 California Rodeo Salinas


My wife and I head to the rodeo any chance we get. This weekend we explored California Rodeo Salinas for the first time. These folks know how to rodeo, and you can tell this was not their first rodeo. The grounds were immaculate, all the staff and volunteers were friendly and went out of their way to assist us, and the entire operation ran like a well-oiled machine. Great job California Rodeo Salinas! 🐃 🇺🇸

There is something about a rodeo that reminds you how proud you are to be an American.

Maybe it’s the Sea of America flags standing proudly around the rodeo grounds.

Maybe it’s the grit of the men that battle for a title while being bucked, trampled, and horned and then get right up and do it again.

Maybe it’s the nostalgia for our nation’s past, the image of a cowboy portrays.

Maybe it’s the tear you see on people’s faces during the national anthem.

Or maybe it’s that God is praised loudly and proudly by the rodeo announcers and all those in attendance that bow their heads in prayer.

Only God knows the answer to what the draw is for each person. But for us, it is all the reasons listed above why we love the rodeo.

Learn more about California Rodeo Salinas HERE